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KHJX 93.3 FM Radio administrative offices and production studios are located in Victorville, California and are not open to the general public at this time.  Upon completion of construction and certification process our facilities and street address will be published along with hours of operation for available inspection by the general public. We appreciate your understanding.

For all inquires regarding sponsorships, listener support, over the air messaging or news items please use the email form above
or call (760) 486-2593.

KHJX 93.3FM Radio FCC ID: 2ASVO7C-73 operating as a community based radio entity under FCC part 15 rules and regulations. All rights reserved.
Internet Streaming audio feed contains a video image and is subject to change without notice. Internet Streaming audio feed may contain uncensored language and/or adult content.  Listener discretion is advised.

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