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This is where you'll find the most amazing musicians and artists featured on our playlist. Feel free to contact any of them for booking or other information. 


Blazing Soul, Funk, Rock and a touch of Jazz with a wall of horns is how some would describe The Soul Juice Band. However, a "song writing" band is how they would describe themselves. The band combines 5 blazing horns, a screaming B3 Hammond organ, heavy guitar riffs and a gritty, soulful singer to create a dynamicfusion of heavy soundscape that is unique in the music industry. The band has recently released their self-titled album “The Soul Juice Band”with three of their singles featured on Pandora’s curated Amp playlist and continues to build a loyal fan base to their spectacular live shows and one of a kind musical sound.


The Soul Juice Band broke out in 2017 when they were recognized as "The Best Brass Band" in Las Vegas for 2017 by NPR Nevada in the Desert Companion Magazine and since then they have been booked all around the western United States. The band's credits include playing at Vegas hotspots Container Park, Sand Dollar Lounge, Bunkhouse Saloon, The Smith Center, Big Dog's Brewery, Santa Fe Station, The Mirage, The Encore, Fremont Street, Brooklyn Bowl, Hard Rock Café, and a 2 year residency at House of Blues.The band has opened for national acts Niki Crawford, Big Sam's Funky Nation, The New Breed Brass Band, Arise Roots and Los Stellarians.


The band shines as a festival performer and was recently pegged to play in the 2022 Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas which is sponsored by Rolling Stone and is one of the biggest music festivals in the world. They also have rocked the stage at The Pigs for Kids Festival, Neon Reverb Festival, UNLV Reb Fest, The New Vista Craft Beer Festival, The Las Vegas Downtown Beer Festival, The Las Vegas Sangria Festival, Las Vegas Foodie Fest and the Zion Canyon Music Festival where they shared main stage status with Fishbone as one of the festival headliners.  The band also just finished a week long artist in residence with the City of LA in July of 2022 ending with a concert at the Madrid Theater.


Laying down their funky and soulful originals with a wall of 5 horns, this is a band you have to see live to believe. The band is made up of gritty, lead vocalist Dave Tatlock, keyboardist/band leader David Rogers, guitarist Joe Bonasorte, bass player Alan Butterfield and drummer Jared Leaper.  Two trumpet players, Sergio Adame and Michael Rabadan, trombone player Kevin Mullinax; Bari sax player Adam Schroeder, and tenor sax player Mat Schumer round out the band and help create the band’s signature “heavy” sound.

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Tony Smith  first became interested in music at a young age, and soon wanted to try his hand at scoring for film and television. Tony began scoring short films for various screen writers is when he knew he had a real passion for scoring. Tony has since been expanding his  services and is looking forward to all opportunities that arise, whether they’re scoring to film, tv or live performances.

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Originally from Nashville, Megan spent a few years in Las Vegas performing on "The Strip" and making a name for herself. After meeting many amazing people in the music industry Megan moved back to Nashville for some well deserved "home" time and to reunite herself with her roots.

Now writing, recording and performing on the home turf Megan's newest releases have surpassed anything from before proving that the home spirit can work wonders.

Megan credits much of her musical abilities to her Dad who often co-wrote many of her songs and encouraged her to never give up. Unfortunately Bobby Paul Barker is no longer with us, but Megan continues to write, perform and record, making her virtually unstoppable!




New-Wave-Punk-Rock meets Rockabilly at the Disco! All original music written and performed by the boys right out of the early 80's. Using retro era instrumentation, amps, cassette tapes and brain power this unique music not only tickles your ears but also makes you want to get up and dance like no-one is watching. (It could happen!)

Eric Ferguson: Guitar/Vocals
Ron Lucker: Bass Guitar/Acoustic Guitar
Mike Dempsey: Drums/Vocals
Brad Williams: Vocals, Pizza & Eve
rything Else!


Musician, artist, writer, composer and engineer, just name a few of his accomplishments. With humble beginnings in the "New Wave" era, Craig formed and fronted "The Videos", a fast paced Punk-Rock-New-Wave band performing on the Hollywood Strip along with shows at many famous venues throughout Southern California. Their debut album sold out as soon as it was released in the early 80's. Moving forward as a solo artist Craig recorded many tracks in a wide variety of musical tastes that strangely somehow lead to engineering designs with major multi-national music production equipment manufacturers.
Sometimes referred to as "The Duke", Craig created a world class art galley, catering to some of the finest artists of today.
Craig is most comfortable in his home studio creating new and diversified music spanning a multitude of genre
What A Ride!
Listen and be amazed!
The Cool Whips

Known as a genuine "Garbage Band", The Cool Whips trio managed to annoy just about everyone during rehearsals, especially the parrot. Many believed that the annoying sound of said rehearsals aided in it's demise. Most of the band's efforts were aimed at recording and releasing albums rather than risk public appearances where band members might be recognized. This often proved futile since Law Enforcement Officials already knew the band members names prior to their arrival and subsequent orders to end the awful noise and disturbance of the peace. Given these obstacles, The Cool Whips managed to produce four albums that closely resembled the sounds of fingernails on a chalkboard, explosive diarrhea or worn disc brakes. Read on, if you can stomach it! 

From the Beginning:

The Blockbuster EP "MEATHOOK" featuring songs made famous during the notorious Summer of 1982 tour of Southern California such as "Belt Loop Part 2", "Log" & "Got bit by a Crab", culminating with the private party at Casa De Gallop, and the infamous "swimming pool incident".
(The Police report was never released.)

After retreating in
to the studio for over a year, the result "F.O.A.D." was dark, avant-garde and commercially unsuccessful. Critics then and today agree that despite the lack of commercial success, this album remains a complete artistic failure.

over their critically derided second album soon drove the band apart. However, while in seclusion in Palm Beach, work was begun on a third album consisting of poorly done remakes "Covers and Blankets". Even though the band's vision was fresh and bright the end result was remembered as a favorite by fans that do not exist.

Returning after a nearly 25 year hiatus the latest Cool Whips album promises to be as unsuccessful and unsatisfying as their previous releases. "Surfers on Sedatives", the title track of the final album "Blue Martini" promises that non-existing fans will be just as highly disappointed as all previous albums as demands for refunds reached record numbers. This was also the first and only album to be produced and distributed on Compact Disc instead of vinyl, thus proving the dual usage of CD's as coffee table coasters.

Much of the above was plagiarized directly from the band's un-official website. Please note: Actual names of the band members have been omitted to protect the innocent, as per the witness protection program rules and regulations and for your safety.



MEATHOOK! (Give the girl a)..........................Release Date:  July 4th, 1982

F.O.A.D ..........................................................Release Date:  March 15, 1985

Covers & Blankets (Smallpox) ......................Release Date:  October 4, 1987

Blue Martini  .................................................Release Date:  October 12, 2011


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